Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery Information

How long does it take to receive the order?

Confirmed paid order is generally processed within 1 business day,  sometime it can take upto 2 to 3 business days. Order placed before 10 am PST  is processed the same business day and order placed after 10 am PST may be processed the next business day.

Package delivery time will depend on your destination address and choice of shipping method.  Once the order is processed, tracking number is provided in the order details page. 

We ship from ZIP 97124.

Guidelines for delivery time for shipped package: First class mail can take 2 to 5 business days. Priority Mail 2 to 5 business days. FedEx Ground can take 4 to 7 business days. SmartPost can take 4 to 7 business days, sometime up to 11 business days.  Free shipping option is processed with SmartPost.  

As a standard option, we do not provide Express/Overnight shipping, but if it is critical, contact us, it takes lot of coordination to get Express done. This is handle only as a favor. Additional charges may apply.

Billing and Account

How to place an order?

We have wide range of ReadyToDecorate ®  bangles. Different width, style and size. Add the items of your choice to the shopping cart, then checkout the shopping cart with facebook login or account login or guest checkout. Provide shipping and billing address, followed by payment information. Upon completion, order ID will be provided. Copy of the order will be emailed.   You can  place the order over the phone.  Phone support is limited to two - three hours a day, 10 am to noon PST.

What payments are accepted?

Major valid credit cards from VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER and to a certain extend AMEX are accepeted. For online orders, you can also pay with PAYPAL.  No COD, cash, check, MO, etc.  Phone orders.required a credit card payment.

Can I return a product?

We want to you be happy with the products you purchase from For any reason you are unhappy with the product you ordered from us, contact us. Satisfaction guaranteed. Have a copy of the invoice. Generally we prefer you submit returns/exchanges within 21 days of order, but we are flexible and reasonable. Get an approval prior to return/exchange, instruction for return/exchange will be provided.

Volume orders

Do you offer commercial / wholesale account?
Qualified customer can apply for wholesale account. You will need to provide a valid copy of your business license and completed application form. Contact us for the application form. Allow 3 to 7 business days to verify and process.
Using DiyBangles, I'm very successful with selling designer bangle bracelets . Do you have my specific SKU in stock?

Based on demand, our instock quantity varies every day. For a single SKU, we may have 1 case to as much as 30 cases, sometime 100 cases, in stock. Depending on your need we can provide a pallet load or a truck load of bangles. For large order, we can use few different shipping method. We do request good forecast and your willingness to work with our schedule. Contact us with details.

Do you offer promotions?

It varies.  Sign up for newsletter and follow us on facebook. Online order may include automatic price break for high quantities like 24 or 48 bangles of the same SKU.

I plan to teach a class, How can you help?

Educating others on how to decorate DiyBangles is very rewarding. Depending on your schedule, class size, design technique, we can work with you to create a custom class room package at no extra cost. Students can order them directly from this website or you can order it for the whole class.

About Our Bangles

What bangle size will work for me?

Bangle size is very subjective. Varies from person to person, sometime slightly different size for left hand vs. right hand.  Select this file to download a free size chart.  Print this file and cut out dark inner circle, then check for fit. X.L size is not listed. Inner opening diameter for XL bangle is about 3" wide.  This document is only for reference and we are not liable in any way. Our bangles are natural product, actual bangle size and fit may vary. 

60% of clients generally would fit in Medium and Large size.  Rest vary from Extra small bangle to all available size.  

It is best to have several combination of size, width and style handy at all times because you never know who would like what bangle bracelet. Having wide selection of bangles is good investment for long term return with your clientele.

Quality of bangles

Bangles purchased from are premium quality. As with any natural product variation can be great. On each bangle, surface is prepared  so you can quickly get started with your design work. Extra steps are taken to ensure consistent size is maintained.  When you place an order you can add comment on how you intend to use or what you expectat.  We take the extra step to ensure we meet your expectation. Every order place on is double checked to meet your need.  You get what you pay for.  Buying from, all products are of high quality,  with our full after sale support to your satisifcation.  We DO NOT sell inferior, lower quality, second run or rejected bangles. 

What can be done with the blank bangles?

This is where your creativity works.  Depending on your skill set and your target customer, you can use the blank DiyBangle base material to create unique custom finished bangles. Anywhere from simple sketch, painting, decoupage, mixed media or scrapbook techniques to pyro, works well with our bangles. As a design artist, you can expression your creative soul on the blank bangles.

Inspiration can be found our facebookpinterest  and youtube pages.

Our bangles are made from light weight fast growing tropical hardwood. Surface is generally prepared well, so you can get started with design quickly. Natural color of the material varies from light cream to shades of brown, green or even gray. Lightweight material does not weight down on your arm/wrist.  

Finished designer bangles can sell from an afforable price to as high as few hundred dollars based on several factors like your design, your client, story behind the work, your brand, packaging and your method/place of sale. There is no set formula. There are plenty for folks using bangles with varying preference. So having rangle of samples in different size, style, width with you pays off. 

In addition to selling finished bangles, you can use them in classroom environment, for fund rasier or for making a perszonlized one of kind gift.

Site Security

How safe is placing an order on

Payment Transaction is encrypted with state of the art SSL security certificate issued by Network Solution with 24x7 site monitoring. 

For added security, on this web service we do not store sensitivity information like payment credit card information.

When you enter the payment, upon submission it is immediately handled with our payment processor and confirmed. So if you have to place another order, you would need to reenter the payment information.

When we prepare your order package, we manually verify payment. Only then do we accept the payment from you.

We do not sell share your information with any third party and respect your privacy.


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